Philippians 1

Dear faithful God,
I pray that you will complete in me
the work you have started,
so that when Jesus returns,
I may rejoice in his appearing and presence.

While we have life,
help us to work in righteousness,
so that we may be blameless before you.

May our manner of life be worthy of the gospel,
so that our love in us may be evident to others who need to see.

Thank you for the gift of believing in Christ,
and though we do not seek to be persecuted,
or to be belittled for our faith,
help us to be prepared to suffer if need be,
for the sake of the gospel.

Through Jesus Christ,
the way, the truth and the life.

Philippians 2

Dear compassionate God,

whose son Jesus Christ did not count equality with God something to hang on to at all costs,

but emptied himself and became humble for our sake,

may we learn humility from him

so we, your children may have the same mind, the same love,

and be in full agreement and of one mind.

Work in us to will and to work for your good pleasure,

so we may be blameless and innocent,

to shine as lights in the world

and hold fast to the word of life.

Thus may we and all people live in peace,

and that we may do our daily tasks with joy.

Hear us through your son whom your people love, and wish to follow.

Philippians 3

Dear Father God,
you made the creation wonderfully well,
and you made us after your image and likeness.

The earth and we your people were not meant for destruction, not for sickness, sin and shame.

You meant for our lives to be holy, good and peaceful.
You have sent healing and restoration
through your Son Jesus, the Christ.
Through Jesus, you establish the Kingdom of God.

Through Your servant Paul we are encouraged to rejoice in the Lord.

Help us to be alert so we will not be deceived by evil-minded people who teach contrary to the gospel, for then we will fail to see the surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ, through whom we have a righteousness not by works of the law, but a righteousness that comes by faith in the crucified Christ.

May we strain to attain to what lies ahead and press on toward the prize of God’s heavenly call.

Remind us, dear God, that our citizenship is in heaven, from where we expect our Savior who will transform the bodies of our humiliation to become conformed to the body of his glory.

Philippians 4

O God our refuge and rock,

make us strong, that we may be steadfast in faith and in life,

a life of joy, a life of gentle strength, prayer and supplication.

May we your people focus our thoughts on
whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is pleasing,
whatever is commendable,
whatever is excellent,
whatever is worthy of praise.

May our words and service be a fragrant offering,

a sacrifice acceptable to you.

Father, we trust that you will satisfy our needs out of Christ’s grace.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with our spirit, until he calls us home.

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