Galatians 1

Glorious, life-giving God,
Father of the risen Christ:

in Christ you have given us treasures of grace and peace.

You have set us free from this present evil age.
Saviour, this is what God willed for you to do.
To God’s glory and our eternal well-being,
you did what God sent You to do.

We recognize and confess that we have at times
turned to another Gospel that is no gospel.

We are easily fooled by charlatans, and blinded by charmers.

When we stray from your revealed truth,
turn us back, restore us by you Holy Spirit.

Galatians 2

Precious, liberating God,
we believe that the only true freedom we have
comes to us from the cross.

Forgive us when we do not trust
the freedom we have in Jesus,
for so we give room to false prophets and hypocrites.

We pray to live in you, our God,
and for Jesus to live in us.

We testify that our present life
we live by faith in Your Son
who loves us and gave himself for us.

Let nothing we say, think or believe
make the gospel null and void
so that we may live in Christ’s gift of freedom.

Thanks be to you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Galatians 3

Faithful, reliable God,
in our walk through life
we act as if we know best to save ourselves,
we think we can work our way into your good grace.
However, your Word teaches clearly that you count us righteous through faith, not works of the law, as it was with Abraham whose faith was counted as righteousness, and so he was blessed.

Only those who have faith are redeemed from the curse of the law.

All who believe are in Christ Jesus, and so children of God through faith.

There is no pot of soup so precious as to make us wish to trade it
for all we have in Jesus Christ.

Galatians 4

Dear Father God,
just as we human parents embrace our children
even before they know we are there for them and love them,
so you embrace us and send your Spirit into our hearts,
so that we may be identified as your sons and daughters.

Your wondrous gift to us is this:
in the right time you sent your Son to us
born of a woman born under the law
to redeem us who were under the law,
and so we receive adoption as children.

Therefore we now have the unspeakable privilege
of calling you:  “Abba, Father.”
Now we know who you are, and who we are:
we are yours, you are ours
we are your heirs, heirs of the kingdom!

Glory to you, Triune God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Galatians 5

Father of the redeemed and free,
we pray to be on guard against
any seduction that will leads us
again into a yoke of slavery.

Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus Christ,
whose Spirit helps us to eagerly await
the hope of righteousness
which motivates us to become
one another’s loving servants.

We pray that we may be like fruitful trees,
bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit:
love, joy, peace patience, kindness, generosity and self-control.

Every step of the way, guide us Holy Spirit,
into a life of humble service,
setting aside conceit, competition and envy,
for your people’s blessing,
and your glory.

Galatians 6

Dear self-giving, self-effacing God,
your work of creation and redemption
is for the good of all the people of the world:
may this be an encouragement for us
to bear one another’s burden,
to work for the good of all,
especially for those who are of the household of faith.

Remind us to sow to the Holy Spirit,
and may the day come when we see the blessing of eternal life
in the Holy Spirit.

Give us the gift of self-effacing service,
and boast of the cross of Christ, for the one thing that matters:
a New Creation!

May peace, mercy and grace be on all our brothers and sisters.

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