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Dear God, Your servant Jude has provided us with strong words of warning.

We are called, beloved and kept safe,
but through Jude You also warns us to contend for the faith,
for intruders steal in who pervert Your grace, God,
and deny our only Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
Your destruction came upon unbelievers in the past,
and will come on those who do not believe and commit ungodly acts.

So we, Your beloved people,
are urged to build ourselves up in the faith, to keep loving You,
and to look forward to the mercy of eternal life.

May we reach out to the wavering,
snatching them from the fire,
and have mercy on others with fear,
so that we will not be corrupted by them.

Now, our God, you are able to keep us from falling.
You are able to make us stand without blemish in the presence of Your glory with rejoicing.
To You, the only God our Savior,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
be glory, majesty, power and authority,
before all time and now and forever.

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1 John 1

Life-giving Father,
it is a great privilege to have the word of life, that is Jesus Christ who was from the beginning, is now and shall be evermore.

We believe that You have revealed eternal life to us, and established fellowship with our brothers and sisters and with You, our God, and Yous son Jesus Christ. We have heard and believe this message, and it brings us complete joy.

God, in You are both life and light.
Enliven and enlightened by You, may we walk in the light, for that is the way to wholesome relationships, and in this way the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.

We believe and rejoice, knowing that you are faithful and just and will forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 JOHN 2

God, righteous and just in all Your ways,
sin is a grievous matter in Your sight.
Again and again Your word warns us about all manner of transgression:
disobeying Your commandments, we walk in darkness;
we do not love our brothers and sisters as we ought.
We love the world, and listen to what our flesh desires and what appeals to our eyes.
We are proud of our wealth and our achievements.
However, Your word teaches us that all these are passing away.

We hear the warning against abandoning Your people.
You tell us to be alert in the end times, when the Antichrist is coming.

Father, we know sin is such a grave matter that rather then to let sin conquer,
You have provided an advocate, Jesus the righteous,
the one who made atoning sacrifice for our sins.
He is the true light that is already shining.

How blessed we are when we abide in the gospel, for then we abide in the Son and in the Father.

We pray for the gift of abiding in Jesus, until he is revealed,
for in abiding we may be confident and not ashamed in the day of his coming.

1 JOHN 3

Father God, without You we do not know who we are, but now that You have given Your love to us, we receive a wonderful identity from You: we are Your children! What love! And yet greater truth will be made known, for one will be like You.

Because we belong too You, we have great reason to fight against our sin, and to purify ourselves.

You call us to do what is right, and You give us help to live this new life, because we have been born of You, our God.

May Your love bear fruit in us in loving one another and helping those in need. In Jesus, You have shown us to love not just in words, but in deeds.

God, as we strive to live as Your children, our hearts will not condemn us: instead we will have boldness before You.

Encourage all people to believe in the name of Your dear son, Jesus Christ.

Thank You because as we love, we know that Your Spirit lives in us.

1 JOHN 4

You are love, O God.
We do not know You through seeing You,
for no one has ever seen You,
but if we love on another, You live in us,
and we abide in You through the Spirit You have given us.

Through Your Spirit show us clearly how to test the spirits, and to turn away from the antichrist who denies that Jesus came from You.

We, Your little children are from You, our God.
We listen to the good news as brought by Your servants the apostles.

We confess and rejoice because You gave Jesus as the lamb who gave himself as the atoning sacrifice for sin.
That is how great Your love is for us.
And now we pray that Your love will be made complete in the love we show each other.
This love we show has no fear in it:
it casts out fear.
And that is true because of the love You first gave us.

So now, You who are love, may we love our brothers and sisters, today and always.

1 JOHN 5

Father of Your family,
You desire a world where love rules, and so do we.
However, we know that the world of love and holiness does not come by weapons, might, terror or any other human means.

We trust that only through faith in Your only begotten Son can we be born anew to love for You and obedience to your commandments.

We believe the testimony You have given us eternal life,
the new reality for today and for all time to come.

Thank You for the assurance that if we ask anything in name of Jesus, You hear us.
Through our prayers You forgive the sins of our brothers and sisters, unless these sins are mortal.

Thank You for giving us understanding that Your word is true.

May we never put our trust in idols, but only in You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We thank You for servants like John who love You, Your people, and Your truth.

We trust that Your grace, mercy and peace will be with us, from You, our God and Father, and from Your son, Jesus Christ, in truth and love.

Mall all Your people walk in your truth and obey Your commandment to love on another.

Keep us alert always to those who would deceive us with lies, and help us to keep them at arm’s length.

God of Your people,
we thank You for the multitudes of people like Gaius.
He was faithful to the truth.
He showed hospitality to strangers who were messengers of the gospel, and who accepted no support from unbelievers.

May we, like them, and following their examples, never imitate evil, but what is good, for only good comes from God.

We pray for the well-being of all Your servants, both physically and spiritually.

Give us Your peace, Oh Lord!

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