Hebrews 7

Most High God,
you have always provided wonderfully for your people.
King Melchizedek was a great High Priest.
He blessed Abraham after he had defeated the kings,
and Abraham acknowledged the king of righteousness
by a gift of a tithe of all his possession.

But now we have been blessed with an even greater High Priest,
Jesus Christ, who has established an eternal covenant,
a better hope hope through which we can approach God.

Father God, because Jesus holds the new and better covenant eternally,
he can for all time save those who approach God,
for Jesus is always alive to pray for us.

Through Christ we have such a high priest, holy,blameless, undefiled,
separated from sinners,
exalted above the heavens.

Jesus, you sacrificed yourself, once for all,
for us, sinners.

Great High Priest,
have mercy on us,
and grant us your peace.

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