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1 Thessalonians 4

Father God,
You have called us to the difficult and beautiful work of sanctification and holiness in our personal lives.
It will not do to approach you while continuing to sin.

You also call us to live in love with our brothers and sisters.
For this, help us to aspire to live quietly,
to mind our own affairs,
and to work with our hands.

May we live and behave properly towards outsider,
and be dependent on no one.

Thank you for teaching us about the life that is coming, when all will be new.

Because of Christ’s work, we do not grieve as those who have no hope.
And while we do not have many answers to our questions about the future,
we know that Jesus will give us eternal life.
All of us are alive in Christ, and will be with Jesus forever.

We pray that we may know how to encourage one another with the message of the gospel.


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1 Thessalonians 3

Shepherd of your people,
we are shocked by the terrible persecutions that terrorize people in our time.
We fear that this is an unspeakable challenge to the faith of many,
and we pray that the persecuted may be strengthened and encouraged.
May terrorists and all persecutors stop their evil works.

Father, may we never be caught unprepared,
for your Word tells us that persecutions are bound to come.

Thank you for believers who remain firm in faith and love.

We pray that you increase in us love for one another.

Our loving God,
strengthen our hearts in holiness so that we may be blameless before you, our God and Father, when Jesus comes with all his saints.

For people who are so tormented that their faith fails,
prepare a place for them, too, at your banquet table.
Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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1 Thessalonians 2

Merciful God and Father,
we repent because of the sins committed in your name,
especially we ask for forgiveness for the terrible things we do to convert people to our religions.

Such violence we did not learn from you,
or your servant Paul,
who preached the gospel out of pure motives,
seeking the well-being of people who do not know the Saviour,
without ever resorting to compulsion or violence.

May we, like Paul, be able to testify
that we are gentle, and not motivated by the need for praise,
or by greed.

Give us the heart of a mother caring for her children,
giving even ourselves,
that it may be well with the family.

Give us, we humbly pray,
the joy, the crown,
of being a blessing to others.

We pray for the privilege of appearing in your presence on that great day,
with a crowd of brothers and sisters,
a crowd too large to number.

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1 Thessalonians 1

Self-communicating God,
as in the congregation of Thessalonica,
your Word still goes out and bears fruit
and the hearers receive it with great joy.

May all your people now be known for the work of faith,
and the labour of love and steadfastness
because of our hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray that your Word may come to us, too,
not only in words,
but with power in the Holy Spirit,
and with full conviction
and Spirit-given joy.

As your chosen people
we turn to You, our God, from idols,
to You, the true and living God.

We wait for Your Son to come from heaven,
for he, whom you raised from the dead
will surely come to rescue us
from the wrath that is coming.

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Philippians 4

O God our refuge and rock, Make us strong, that we may be steadfast in faith and in life, a life of joy, a life of gentle strength, prayer and supplication.

May we your people focus our thoughts on
whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is just,
whatever is pure,
whatever is pleasing,
whatever is commendable,
whatever is excellent,
whatever is worthy of praise.

May our words and service be a fragrant offering,  a sacrifice acceptable to you.

Father, we trust that you will satisfy our needs out of Christ’s grace.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with our spirit, until he calls us home.

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Philippians 3

Dear Father God,
you made the creation wonderfully well,
and you made us after your image and likeness.
The earth and we your people were not meant for destruction, nor for sickness, sin and shame.

You meant for our lives to be holy, good and peaceful.
You have sent healing and restoration
through your Son Jesus, the Christ,
and to establish the Kingdom of God.

Through your servant Paul we are encouraged to rejoice in the Lord.

Help us to be alert lest evil-minded people teach contrary to the gospel, for then we will fail to see the surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ, through whom we have a righteousness not by works of the law, but a righteousness that comes by faith in the crucified Christ.

May we strain to attain to what lies ahead and press on toward the prize of God’s heavenly call.

Remind us, dear God, that our citizenship is in heaven, from where we expect our Savior who will transform the bodies of our humiliation to become conformed to the body of his glory.


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Philippians 2

Dear compassionate God, whose son Jesus Christ did not count equality with God to be hung on to at all costs, but emptied himself and became humble for our sake, may we learn humility from him so we, your children may have the same mind, the same love, and be in full agreement and of one mind.

Work in us to will and to work for your good pleasure, that we may be blameless and innocent, to shine as lights in the world and hold fast to the word of life.

Thus may we and all people live in peace, and that we may do our daily tasks with joy.

Through your son whom your people love, and wish to follow.

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Philippians 1

Dear faithful God,
I pray that you will complete in me
the work you have started,
so that when Jesus returns,
I may rejoice in his appearing and presence.

While we have life,
help us to work in righteousness,
so that we may be blameless before you.

May our manner of life be worthy of the gospel,
so that your love in us may be evident to others who need to see.

Thank you for the gift of believing in Christ,
and though we do not seek persecution,
or to be belittled for our faith,
help us to be prepared to suffer if need be,
for the sake of the gospel.

Through Jesus Christ,
the way, the truth and the life.

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Ephesians 6

Dear God and Father,
we need your strength

and the armour you provide us
because we are involved in life and death warfare
against all manner of spiritual enemies.

We are weak, you are strong,
so make us alert and wise
to put on the whole armour of God,
the helmet of truth
the breastplate of righteousness,
as shoes for our feet,
the gospel of peace.

Help us always to wear the shield of fatih,
the helmet of salvation,
the sword of the Spirit,
which is your Word,
and steadfastness in prayer.

Keep us alert always,
praying for all your saints,
and assist us to boldly proclaim
the mystery of the gospel.

And father God, we claim the grace promised to all who love Jesus,
with an incorruptible love.

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Ephesians 5

Dear father God,
we are your beloved children,
loved even when we are rebellious and disobedient,
often engaging in sometimes deeply sinful ways.

Our calling is very high:
to be imitators of you, creator, redeemer, covenant keeper.
You desire that we walk in love
the kind of love Christ showed on the cross.
We are called to be partners with you,
not evil-doers on whom comes judgment.

As your children, we are children of light,
so that we may walk in the safety and blessing of light.

Prod us to walk carefully,
as wise people,
prudent in the use of the gift of time,
to live with discernment a life of praise to you,
loving and honoring especially our partners.

Hear and answer, merciful God, through Christ our Lord.

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