Why Do We Like the Music We Do?

Why do we like the music we do? Here’s my story that I think helps me to understand why I like what I like.

The music I like a great deal is classical organ music, but I have also learned to appreciate many other kinds of music. I also like piano music more than ever. And you might find me listening to jazz or blue grass, and many other kinds of music which I have learned to appreciate because I thought it would be a good idea to discover other kinds of music, just as my wife and I have explored many different kinds of food.

But here’s a story of importance to me. The first half dozen years of my life I had never heard a radio; it was war time, and we had no electricity until a year or two after the war was ended. Then we received the gift of a radio, one of the first little radios that Philips made when such things became possible again. My parents received this from a number of Jewish people who had found refuge in our home, or who had moved to safe houses after first arriving at our home. We lived in a fairly large place which housed our home and dad’s bake shop and store, so there was room for people to come to our place while waiting placement elsewhere.

People continued to be poor; but a number of refugees pooled their resources and in due time we get this little radio, if I remember correctly it was in a brown Bakelite case. I was naughty one day soon after we got this little radio, and turned it on. A great miracle happened! Sound came out of it, sound such as I had never heard before. Organ music, a live concert from the “Grote Kerk” in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands. I am almost certain the player was George Stam, who eventually became a leader in the world of organ music in the Netherlands. I have a record of his, still.

What I heard had a great, powerful impact on me. I was a boy of perhaps 7 years, and I was hooked. Soon I was taking organ lessons, actually it was on an harmonium. But I learned to read the music, although practicing was not my thing. And before long I also asked the organist of our village church if I could watch him play the organ some Sunday. So one day I also was allowed to go to the organ loft with him.

Now my guess is that most of us will have a moment in our lives, when we are young, when we become aware that we are hearing something we had not noticed before. Music! Whatever music we heard for that first time, so I think, has a key component in our preferred music. The music we hear in our home (or wherever we were when we first really heard) is likely to set what we think is good.

What are people today most likely to hear first of all?  Country and western? Easy listening? Rock? I think it will not likely be any form of classical music, although cartoons kids watch on TV often do have classical music as background music. Or is the music that forms the sound track of games? Clearly the first music in a large majority of people is not any form of classical music, and when people do hear classical music, it is not likely to be organ music.

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