Religious Music

There is so much music available on the internet, it seems like an embarrassment of riches. Here are some suggestions.

If you go to you will go to a web page that has two streams. plays only organ music. plays religious, Christian choral music. There are no interruptions for commercials and there are no comments, so even though this comes from the Netherlands, there is no language barrier to enjoying these sites. Each piece is identified, composer and performer, etc.

Priory records, has an internet radio that plays both organ and choral music, by and large from the Anglican tradition.

Dutch organist Sietze de Vries has an excellent web site with organ music, both by other composers and improvisations of his own.

Youtube has music by many organists. Look for them, for example Cameron Carpenter, Virgil Fox, Feike Asma, Duo Majoya and many more. If you search for any of them, youtube will provide many additional links, too. If you look for the Finnish organist Kalevi Kiviniemi, you will find links to quite a few additional Finnish organist, etc.

There is a lot of music for organ with other instruments. A youtube video I think is truly wonderful, this is meant as an expression of spirituality, Suphi, I would think. This Canto Ostinato has been done on piano, and so on.

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